3rd Christmas with out you

I’ve been thinking about you alot lately.  I still miss you immensely.  If I close my eyes and think hard enough I can still hear your voice in my head.  I’m kind of sad that I didn’t take more pictures of you and with you.  At the time I was trying to be respectful of your wishes and not take pictures but in the back of my mind I knew I would regret it.  I love you and miss you so much!

Summer is doing incredibly well.  She’s doing well at after school, art school, and violin.  You would be so proud of her.  You probably already know without me telling you.  She is also very close to paternal side of the family and we are trying our best to make her life happy and comfortable.  Kisses from here on earth.  Can’t wait to see and touch you again.



~ by savejenn on December 23, 2011.

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