Forever Embedded In My Heart



I was missing you a lot. Summer wrote an essay at school and in it mentioned you passing away 3 years ago.  I sent a picture of it to J & C. You’d be so proud of her.  She got her report card and got all A’s. But the essay she wrote made me realize that even though she doesn’t talk about you, you are always on her mind. Then it got me all in a funky mood and I went through the entire blog reading every entry that you wrote.  I tortured myself by reliving everything in my mind through your words but at the same time it made me vividly remember your voice.  I really do miss you.  So much has changed and theres people I wish you could’ve met thats currently really important in my life.  You would’ve loved this one specific person.  Well babe, Im starting to just ramble now.  I love you soooooo much!




~ by savejenn on December 13, 2012.

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